The Student Science Society (SKN)

The origins of the Society

The formation of the Student Science Society (SKN) was an initiative of the Institute's director, Prof. Andrzej Górski, the inauguration ceremony taking place on October 20, 2000. During the second gathering of the SKN on January 20, 2001, with over 50% of the members present, a management board was elected and the statutes were ratified. Also at this meeting, the student coworkers of the Institute were presented with the possibility of competing for the Ludwik Hirszfeld Memorial Award as well as for science scholarships.

Information for members of the Society is posted on the bulletin board near the entrance of the library. Members of the Society may also use Room 113 (on the first floor, two rooms furnished for working). The key to Room 113 can be obtained from the porter, where there is also a list of members qualified to use these rooms.

Number of The Society members - 157.